How To Pack Your Styling Tools For Your Canadian Vacation

LuggageJetting off to Canada for a glamorous vacation? A trip north of the American border can be an amazing way to get away from it all and see the sights that you’ve only dreamed of before. However, you can’t do Canada right unless you have your beauty arsenal in your carry-on. To ensure that all the tools you need for makeup, skin and hair stay intact and undamaged during your flight, here are some tips on how to pack your styling tools for your Canadian vacation.

Makeup Brushes

The best way to stash your makeup brushes during travel is by storing them in a makeup brush roll that can easily be rolled up and stored in the bottom of your suitcase. Using a brush roll will ensure that the bristles of your brushes don’t become warped or misshapen in your luggage.


Makeup can be a little tricky. You should always store it in a train case or cosmetics pouch to ensure that it isn’t loose in your suitcase. To prevent anything from opening up or spilling, use a few pro tricks. Tape all palettes, eye shadows and blushes shut with a little clear tape. As for liquids, put each individual liquid product in its own plastic baggie. That way, if anything becomes unscrewed or opens, it won’t damage your other products.

Styling Tools

If you’re using quality styling tools, they should come with heat-proof carrying cases that are perfect for travel. Otherwise, these heat-resistant cases can be found at professional beauty stores. If you need to improvise, wrap items like curling wands and hair straighteners in heavy fabric. The best choices in for lighter travel are smaller tools that will allow you more flexibility to pack other more important items for your trip.  Wrapping your styling tools will prevent them from snagging any garments you may be transporting or becoming damaged during your flight.

Hair Products

Transporting hair products can be tricky. Oftentimes, it’s a good idea to skip bringing hairspray, as it almost always leaks during long flights. Items like shampoo or styling gels can be brought along, but be sure to wrap them in plastic in case they leak. As a bonus tip, it’s a good idea to bring a clarifying shampoo for oily hair if you’re traveling to Canada during the summer, as temperatures can get quite hot and humid.

If you take the time to secure all of your cosmetic items before your flight to Canada, you’ll experience fewer blunders during transit. Just because you’re bringing your own products doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t sample any of the amazing beauty finds that Canada has to offer. If you’re a beauty junky going abroad, be sure to try out some of the local skincare items, perfumes and cosmetics that you’ll find when you arrive in Canada.